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Mario  B  Productions

Mario Benton, a fashion show producer, wardrobe stylist and runway extraordinaire, works with aspiring models ages 5 - 25 to transform and prepare them to be high-end fashion models.  Chief among Mario's versatility is wardrobe styling, which has been a part of his talents since his childhood, and 30 years later, Mario continues to inspire and be a motivation via Mario B Productions.


Mario B Productions is a community-based program designed to be a safe environment for young people.  As a community leader, the majority of the services he provides are non-fee based. This allows him to work with all youth regardless

of their ethnic, social and economic backgrounds through youth development activities reflecting Mario's passion for fashion.  The Black Coalition on AIDS recently honored him for his exceptional work, commitment and ongoing contributions in the Black LGBTQ community throughout the San Francisco Bay



Through Mario B Productions, Mario has established relationships with some of the best including photographers, models, top designers, celebrity figures and other wardrobe stylists. Benton has put on over 100 fashion shows throughout the Bay Area. The Fashion Maverick following the success of 2010's Chic Fashion Week in San Francisco,opened of his modeling studio, Uptown Studios, in Oakland in 2011.


In addition to Mario's fashion background, he has also created and organized the "Soul of Pride" float for Gay Pride for the last five years. He provided models and styling for the "HIV Testing Makes Us Stronger" National Campaign.

On  Point  Entertainment

Founded in 2015, On Point Entertainment began as a small organization that partnered with community leaders in Oakland, California to host various community events. The neighborhood events were modeled to resemble neighborhood block parties for entertainment and fun for all ages, while also raising awareness and promoting prevention to several issues that plague many of our communities, such as Bullying, Gang Violence, Domestic Violence, and Police Brutality.


After partnering to host several of these events, the idea was created to start a company to provide a platform for activists and entertainers to participate and perform at different events; however, the company quickly expanded to music artist development, event planning, promotion, and music production.